The Mandalorian baby Yoda Christmas shirt, sweater

After 15 years of The Mandalorian baby Yoda Christmas shirt, I quit going to the Christmas Day get together. Why it took me so long is still a mystery to me. My husband and I are great, the rest of his family is great, but she was a nasty nut. We didn’t have a child so I just said I was done, better off by myself. I gave her another chance when my daughter was born, but she just couldn’t be nice, or respectful. After she stole a few presents she gave my daughter for Christmas out of our house when we weren’t home. I simply stated we were done with her. We didn’t see her from 2002 until this summer in 2019, and only because she was dying and needed help.

The Mandalorian baby Yoda Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater and tank top

Ladies tee
Tank top

Best The Mandalorian baby Yoda Christmas shirt

I did give her presents but The Mandalorian baby Yoda Christmas shirt. She gave us a very large list with expensive items on it and was disappointed if every one plus a few surprises were not stacked under the tree. I just can’t spend $600 for one person at Christmas. This was the 80’s and 90’s. It was outrageous. I had never met anyone like her and never want to ever again. And I didn’t originally hate her, but after she took the gifts back for my daughter I believe there was an element of hate towards her for doing that to an innocent child. Not that my daughter was aware. But seriously, when does a person put an end to behavior that is abusive? When it involves your kids!

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