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A safety helmet is top heavy. The shortening hat shirt bottom of the helmet being unstable when falling, causes the helmet to flip over to a more aerodynamic shape as it falls. It is highly likely that the person trying to catch the helmet with his head is likely to make contact with the top of the helmet, or less likely, the edge. They’re not called hard hats for nothing. Ironically, these are the sorts of injuries the hat could have prevented. So that’s why it takes forever for construction workers to build stuff. It’s funny there are so many comments picking on these construction workers. You say this is why shit never gets built, except your either standing on or inside something a construction worker has built. Just when you thought the helmet was meant to prevent head injuries, someone somewhere somehow has found a way to use them to create one.

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I was doing this before facebook existed, The shortening hat shirt. These guys just need more practice. Odles of fun! Maybe this challenge is not possible to achieve, the helmet always falls in the same position, upside down because of the weight in the top, isn’t it? Its not what should be shown kids will try the same and get hurt what do they want with protecting gear ,not for show kids copy. I had an aneurysm rupture in June, so this is very hard to watch. I think I should complain and report it, but I’m not a crybaby! Anyway, these guys need to think before they do this stuff. Things just like this can cause an aneurysm to form or rupture. And if they told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? Unbelievable, safety professional and mothers all around the world are cringing.

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