Trainspotting vintage shirt

Trainspotting vintage shirt

I remember thinking how fortunate I had been when my own children were born not Trainspotting vintage shirt, but while pregnant, free NHS medication, dental, and ante natal services, and when my children were born, child benefits for my children. That was a few years ago, but even today, the USA remains one of only three places in the developed western world where there is no right to paid maternity – or paternity leave. There are provisions for unpaid leave but even then, this is a matter for individual states to decide, although there are certain conditions under which an expectant mother can claim unpaid leave.

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Trainspotting vintage shirt
Trainspotting vintage shirt
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I tell this story by way of explaining why taxes in the Trainspotting vintage shirt. We are able to enjoy a universal free health care service free at the point of delivery through taxes raised. As well, we enjoy free education, free family planning, pensions, and a variety of public services made possible through our tax system. Some people do complain that taxes might be high, but personally I would rather have to pay high taxes and not have to worry about accessing emergency or any other medical services without fear of bankruptcy. I am also happy to pay taxes so that others less fortunate than myself will also be able to access and enjoy public services.

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