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The future of education Virtual stick shirt college students looks even greater. This technology gives schools extra reasons to raise prices. It all says comes down to if the kids want to learn. They’d read books if they understood it meant they’d have a more stable income and future. They’d just graffiti these computer accessories if they don’t care. First we need to let students focus on their favourite subjects, here in Italy we still study latin and we do the same hours of italian, latin as math science and I am in a science course. For those who are funded to get this type of educational product, this will be amazing. Without proper funding, we will continue to see our public education systems crumble. Or will education only be for the rich? Our schools are so underfunded by the state we don’t even have functioning.

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The costs of ignorance out weighs Virtual stick shirt, education and we work hard to destroy our health and spend a lot of money doing it and then expect it to be repaired for free. What better way to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the human body than to take a Fantastic Voyage visual tour directly through it. Kids will still be kids. At the end of the first day someone will figure out how to play doom on it. Now if only we could do this without that ridiculous headpiece and instead use interactive, touch sensitive holograms. Now that would be amazing. That would be fantastic if the cost would not blocked out those who have no money or just for those who have. I hope medical will be for all without someone mourning for a child, Father, Mother or someone you may love.

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