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I highly doubt that Wander woman loves camping shirt of this year. No way this movie will beat guardians at the box office. I love my wonder woman I’ve seen it three times, listened to the soundtrack five times and have so much wonder woman stuff. It was an amazing film and motivating. I feel though apider man is going to have a great score when it comes out, potentially beating wonder woman. Anything wonder woman, batman, and superman should have been and should be the best comic book films ever. These are the big three in all of comics. I’m happy wonder woman is succeeding. Hopefully can keep this momentum going. What ducking badass female to do this role. I was hoping as Wonder Woman she would have more muscle, especially in the legs, because most of the female superheroes are thin or have a normal body type in movies like sif in thor, that was really disappointing.

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But it’s Wander woman loves camping shirt. The underlying message resonates with today’s wars. I hope we can bring war around the world to an end. Man this movie started off good but then went to shit. Once again disappointed me. I hope justice league does a lot better. Aries, smdh, an old man, didn’t even look godly! And these other characters along side Wonder Woman, worthless throughout the whole movie. Gots a lot of catching up to do to get where marvel is. Mostly introduction movie, explaining the character. Slow paced first half the movie. But the rest was good. The actress was an excellent choice to play wonderwoman. It is a better movie than batman, it’s the first we’ve seen of wonder women so it has to have a back story.

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