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This performance wasn’t her best. It just felt forced. Almost a What would Dolly do shirt. On that note, I definitely can see her killing a Demi Lovato song. She has the pipes for that! Just another song she butchered with her fake southern accent. She has vocals but adding the fake southern twang ruins it for me. I watched Idol from the start glad it came back I’m also a big fan of the Voice and I was told by someone at work that the network is giving idol another season after this. Anyone know if that is true. Why is Katy Perry allowed to judge anything related to talent?

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This whole show is a train wreck. Gabby can sing, not to What would Dolly do shirt. What a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. I hope she goes far. Id defo buys her records. I love how close she is to her dad. One well brought up young lady. I don’t know where she got that fake accent, but she needs to let it go. She won’t go very far by impersonating Carrie Underwood’s sound. Good voice but she needs to be herself. I love her so much, but I  think in order for her to continue further in the competition and have a chance to win it, then she needs to focus on something more than a country. She needs to take the coaches advice. Her voice is so powerful and I don’t know why she won’t let that shine through with another genre of music. Love her though!

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