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Here is my sweet Milo boy. Whitty huton wuld toor shirt by training but he is by heart. I experienced post partum depression after having my daughter and He was there through it all for me. He never was a super cuddly dog until I needed him to be, he let me hold him and just sob. He would come get me if she was crying in the other room and I didn’t hear her too. He is our best friend and we’re so thankful to have him in our family! Loved this short film! I think it should be made into a full length feature and the proceeds can go to fund dogs for people we ho can’t afford them, or assist families with partial costs. Amazing film! Great job ! All of my dogs save me from my depression every puppy i adopt is a whole new wonderful adventure for me.

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Whitty huton wuld toor Sweater
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These a kind of films should be more of them and Whitty huton wuld toor shirt show people how to appreciate more dogs. All creatures matter, are intelligent and deserve respect for who they are, and be left to their own existence, without the interference of humans. Humans only bring unbalance in nature, whatever we do. We need to do more to be less of a burden to our entire environment. We are forcing our own will and point of view on our entire planets ecosystem, while we are a real big nuisance, we should be just a small part of it, and not be as we are, the most arrogant and selfish creatures on it. That was one of the sweetest little things I have seen! On the edge of tears. Sat down halfway through and watched the whole video. Good job folks. Great work.

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