Yes I am old but I saw Ramones on stage signature shirt

The Ramones are more popular now because their style of music became the template for the vast majority of Punk Rock that followed. They are considered by many as the first Punk Band, they had 3 albums out before many of the early US Punk bands had even issued their first single eg the Misfits, the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Weirdos, Dead Kennedys and others. It was unreal. Billy Corgan had everyone mesmerized, myself and entourage included. I wasn’t drinking or doing drugs at that particular time, so it wasn’t a chemically induced euphoria, but it FELT like it. Everything was beautiful, fuzzy, almost like a religious experience. The encores just kept happening. Good times. I never experienced that again at one of their shows. It was like Corgan quit trying.

Yes I am old but I saw Ramones on stage signature shirt

Yes I am old but I saw tom petty on stage signature shirt

Yes I am old but I saw Iron maiden on stage signature shirt

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